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Ou Song board and Ou Song board are stupidly confused, too easy to make a mistake?

Ou Song board is actually also called oriented strand board. It is made of small-diameter wood, thinned wood, and wood core.

What is Ouzong board?
Ou Song board is actually also called oriented strand board. It is made of small-diameter wood, thinned wood, and wood core. It is processed by machines. It is a man-made board. It uses a zero-formaldehyde adhesive, so it is considered a kind of Environmentally friendly man-made panels.
Specifications: 40-100mm long, 5-20 mm wide, 0.3-0.7 mm thick
What is Aosong board?
Aosong board belongs to the imported medium density board. The raw material is made of radiata pine log fiber. Because the radiata pine fiber is soft and thin, its processability is very good, and it is very suitable for furniture. However, there are many fakes on the market, so you must go to the designated brand dealers to buy them and check the relevant identification labels and the like.
What is the difference between Ou Song board and Ao Song board?
Ouzong board and Aosong board are both imported environmentally friendly boards. The pronunciation of the two is very similar, but they are not of the same kind of board. When users buy, it is often because of pronunciation problems that they don’t know it. In fact, they are buying. At the time, you can find that there are some tiny holes on the surface of the Ouzong board, and its nail-holding ability is not as good as that of the Ouzong board.
The stability of the Aosong board is very good, you can change the shape at will, you can bend or curve, easy to glue, nail, screw. The Aosong board is high-precision frosted, so there is no need to scrape putty on the surface, just use putty to fill the nail holes left by the nails, so it also saves paint.
Aosong board is now widely used in decoration, furniture, construction, packaging and other industries. It has high hardness, is suitable for wardrobes, bookcases will not be deformed (even the floor), load-bearing, and fire and moisture resistance are also good. However, Aosong board also has its shortcomings. Its shortcomings are that it is not easy to eat ordinary nails, and there are more scars and unevenness in the board.
Ou Song board can be used as interior decoration, furniture making, house construction, packaging material, and the purpose of Ou Song board is similar.